Battle arena rules

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Battle arena rules

Post by Magic Pi on Thu Jan 14, 2010 11:50 pm

Here are some basic rules for battling.
1. No death, this is a battle that is being watched.
2. You must have a players permission to battle them.
3. You must have a players permission to badly hurt a character. By accepting a battle you acknowledge that your character will be hurt a little bit.
4. Both players must fill out this form prior to battling:
Look up your character in the "Approved characters" section so you make sure you get these right.

Opponent (if any):
The other character has permission to badly hurt my character:
Other notes:

The maximum blood that is allowed is like a minor scrape from falling off a bike.
Just put "None" if you don't have a planned opponent and are just waiting for one to show up.

Remember, if your character gets hurt, there is a hospital just down the street!
There are a few weapons laid out on the arena if your character doesn't have any.

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