Amaril Wilner, the human

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Amaril Wilner, the human

Post by Magic Pi on Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:09 am

Name: Amaril Wilner
Species: Human
Age: 16
Height: 4"7
*Weight: 72 pounds
Other notes about your appearance: Amber-brown hair and dark brown eyes, skinny with just a few freckles
*Parents: Mirlian and Poulan Wilner
Abilities: Is really agile and quick in battle
Weapons: A sword named Dawnshadow
Powers: Can see into a person's soul
Flaws: Doesn't see the obvious unless she uses her power, which drains her. And she often forgets to use her power. She's also pretty absent-minded. And clumsy at times.
Role-play: I sat down on the grass and watched a flower. It twitched. I clapped for it. A wind blew. It moved. I clapped for it. "Such a good flower!" I complimented it. I believe that if you tell something how good it's doing, it will do it faster, better. Like a flower. "You'll be the biggest flower in the world..." I told it. I could've sworn that it twitched its leaves.
*Personality: Happy, trusting and fun
*Notes on your characters: Though most humans are afraid of the other creatures, Amaril (pronounced Ah-Mah-Rill) is not.
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