Stella Wood, the shapeshifter

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Stella Wood, the shapeshifter

Post by Magic Pi on Sat Dec 19, 2009 11:04 am

Name: Stella Wood
Species: Shapeshifter, default form is human
Age: 13
Height: 5' 5"
*Weight: Why do you want to know?
Other notes about your appearance: Brown hair and shimmering brown eyes, extremely long legs.
*Parents: Tera Wood and Josh Wood, human and shapeshifter
Abilities: Can run quickly as a human, is good in school
Weapons: Shapeshifting
Powers: Um... Shapeshifting
Flaws: Shapeshifting drains mega energy, likes to tick others off, lacks common sense, overestimates self.
Role-play: I flew up on pheonix wings to above a fluffy cloud that reminded me of a cotton ball. I took a deep breath. This is it... I told myself. I just HAD to know if I could do this. I wanted to be a half-pheonix, half-human. Why? I wanted to know if I could do it under pressure. As quickly as I could, I changed into my human form, only leaving pheonix wings. Then I could hold the wings no longer, and the flaming wings diminished, turning into two human arms. Sadly, humans can't fly. I plummeted past the clouds. I was dead, wasn't I? As I thought that and consentrated on that sole fact, a glimmering brown winged horse flew below me, and I hit it's back with a PLOP. I rode it to the ground. "You owe me one," It commented. "Fine," I huffed, digging in my pocket for the last five bucks I owned. "Here," I said, putting the money in a pouch around it's neck that said, "Stella's money.". I need to stop doing that, I thought. I wanted to stop paying my allowance to that winged pain.
*Personality: Stubborn.
*Notes on your characters: Likes turning into a dragon.
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