Darcie the Apsaras

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Darcie the Apsaras

Post by Pandorica on Tue Feb 02, 2010 12:54 pm

Name: Darcie (She can't remember her last name)
Species: Apsaras (female cloud spirit)
Age: She can't remember.
Height: 5"3
*Weight: 94 pounds
Other notes about your appearance: She has short, wavy brown hair and blue eyes. Peach colored skin.
*Parents: She can't remember.
Abilities: Very proper
Weapons: None... why should anyone fight?
Powers: She doesn't know... she can't remember.
Flaws: She's very proper, and she goes nuts if someone is improper, and gets VERY annoying, that being said.
Role-play: Darcie stepped over to a mirror. Peering in it, she saw the most peculiar thing... her hat was missing. "Well, that will never do!" She huffed. Stepping outside, she looked around. There it was! Her hat, up in a tree. She huffed and looked around. "Whoever did this better get it down right now!" She yelled to anyone who was around. Darcie glanced up at her hat. Well... it wasn't very proper at all to climb trees... but this is a must. She cannot go anywhere without her hat. Slipping off her shoes, she placed a foot on a branch. Oh... it was rough! Is that how a tree felt? She jumped up and landed on the next branch. She stretched up. Well... almost there, but not quite. It's not enough. She found a good foothold and stepped up again. Just one more branch... Suddenly, she slipped. Halfway down, she grasped wildly for a branch. It did nothing but give her a cut, but she hadn't died. She panted and looked up. A griffon swooped over and grabbed her hat. "You! Give it back!" She called, but it was gone. Oh, well. There's more hats out there.
*Personality: Proper, fancy, slightly dim-witted.
*Notes on your characters: A while back she got conked on the head. She can't remember almost anything. She is from England, and is very proper. Always seen in her black and white dress and high heels. She wears an old fashioned black and white feather hat. She has a slight English accent.

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Re: Darcie the Apsaras

Post by Magic Pi on Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:36 pm

approved... Lol

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