Paprika the Fireball Pixie

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Paprika the Fireball Pixie

Post by Sugar'n'Spice on Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:37 am

Species:Fireball Pixie
Height:two feet
*Weight:60 lbs
Other notes about your appearance:Flaming red hair and emerald eyes. always wears a shortish dress that glimmers like the sunset. never wears shoes. her hair is long (down to the rear) and wavy.
Abilities:flight, running, and screaming really reallyreally really really really really loudly.
Weapons:she files her nails to points. there's one. she has sharp teeth, no venom or acid. she files those, too. she loves vampires.
Powers:Can generate fireballs to throw at people, but had problems with it when she is tired or cold.
Flaws:boastful and vain.
Role-play: I glided over the treetops, barely missing the tallest branches. If I hit them, they would light on fire. I made a game out of this, and really enjoyed it. I landed o a pile of rocks that I knew weren't flammable, and lay down. I sighed, and blasted a fireball straight up, just to see how long it took to fall.
*Personality: boastful and outright. very very bold for her size, and sensitive about her shortness. very short temper.
*Notes on your characters:Loves vampires and hates the cold.


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Re: Paprika the Fireball Pixie

Post by Magic Pi on Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:58 am

Approved. It would be HAVOC if Stella (annoying, crazy) were ever to meet Paprika.

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