Sly: the Hydrus from the Nile.

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Sly: the Hydrus from the Nile.

Post by The Wind God on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:26 pm

Name: Sly
Species: Hydrus
Age: 14
Height: um... 2'6" on hind legs, 1'6" on all fours
Weight: 15 lb.
Other notes about your appearance: orange fur (like an orange!)
Parents: Slick & Mud-ball: both Hydrus
Abilities: to be able to curl up so he look like a mud-ball, can breathe under water for short periods of time, intelligent
Weapons: teeth, claws and trickery
Powers: none
Flaws: is over-confident, most times getting into trouble
Role-play: I lay down on the lake bed. It felt.... well, awkward I suppose. But still, this is a good life. I see a fish and swim toward it. Hm... should I eat it immediately or should I let it struggle and them eat it? Ah, decisions, decisions. I catch up to it and grab on to it. It struggles, but i don't let it go. Something interfered however. A muffin? a soggy muffin, but still a muffin. I grab it and chew it down. Not bad. I swim to the surface and breathe some fresh air. Then i walk over to dry land and bask in the sun. I fall asleep.
Personality: hm... humorous, mischievous
Notes on your characters: he likes a free meal.
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Re: Sly: the Hydrus from the Nile.

Post by Pandorica on Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:31 pm


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