Amber the Pheonix

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Amber the Pheonix

Post by Pandorica on Sat Dec 19, 2009 9:36 pm

Name: Amber
Species: Phoenix
Age: 15
Height: 3' 1"
Other notes about your appearance: Feathers are usually on fire, has striking hazel-yellow eyes.
Abilities: Is skilled at using talons like hands, sings well
Weapons: Flaming feathers, talons and beak
Powers: Can spark feathers on fire (like all phoenixes)
Flaws: Needs work on flight, wants attention too often, is a picky eater
Role-play: I looked down at the people judging my preformance. A griffin, a centaur, and a pixie were all on the green grass with notepads that they were jotting down words on my flight. Hey... I knew what would wow them! I would do a triple loop! I would be a star! I started flying faster, ground and clouds whipping past like bullets. I then went into a rapid and dizzying ascention, spinning as I did so. I flipped and my beak pointed downwards. Plummeting, I realized I had only gained speed, not altitude. I went scorched beak first into the soft earth. The judges looked down on me, and the centaur looked me in the eye and said, "Needs work." Oh well, back to flight training.
*Personality: Is a show off.
*Notes on your characters:

Amaril, Human.
Sandy, Dragon.
Noella, Fallen Dark Angel.
Dylan, Zombie.
Lucas, Shapeshifter.

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