Cyclone the Sea Horse

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Cyclone the Sea Horse

Post by Brazzlegirl on Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:42 am

Name: Cyclone
Species: Sea Horse
Age: 20
Other notes about your appearance: Has the front of a horse but a mermaid tail in the back. Has teal colored skin and a coral colored mane. Has medium sized hooves
Abilities: Can swim fast in water, can breathe air and water (like a mermaid)
Weapons: hooves, teeth
Powers: can create whirlpools by swimming fast enough,
Flaws: Pushy, bossy, thinks he's always right, thinks he's better than others
Role-play:I sped through the ocean. Spectacular sea animals blurred past me. I moved my front hooves in a running motion, hitting nothing but water. The coral reefs rose in front of me, their brilliant colors gleaming. I swam inside them, and what i saw shocked me. There, in front of me was the lost city of Atlantis.
*Personality:Funny, prankster, bossy, pushy
*Notes on your characters: once broke his tail, so now he can't swim as fast as he used to.

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Re: Cyclone the Sea Horse

Post by Sugar'n'Spice on Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:55 am

Approved, but you should call it a "merhorse" instead of a "seahorse" since seahorses are real creatures.


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