Rules- READ!

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Rules- READ!

Post by Magic Pi on Sun Jun 12, 2011 8:02 pm

Not following any of these rules may result in suspension or even a permanent ban.

1. Swearing is prohibited.
2. No stalking or threats of stalking.
3. NO PORNOGRAPHY OR SEXUAL TALK! There is NO WARNING for this rule!!!! You will be automatically banned!
4. No threatening.
5. Do not give out your personal information, even if a private message asks you for it. Staff will never ask for your personal information or password.
6. No chatspeak (i pwn u, l8rz, rofl, **grabs a stick and does stuff w/ it**) please use proper grammar.
7. No playing as other characters.
8. No spamming.
9. Respect the administrators.
10. No mini-modding.

These next rules are minor, and apply to role-playing and creating a character.

1. No overly perfect characters.
2. Your powers, if any, must match to the species of your character.
3. If you want to eat/destroy/fight a character, you must ask permission. If they give their permission, it is allowed.
4. If your character's species cannot breathe underwater, don't go to the undersea! Simalarly, if your species cannot fly, don't go into the sky! Some exceptions are if your character is cannot fly and is small enough to do this, they can ride on the back of a flying character (that is big enough). If you are giving a ride to a certain character, please announce it!
5. Sometimes you will be asked to change your species, and your character will not be accepted until you do.
6. No existing animals (except humans) will be accepted as characters. You will be asked to change your species.

First offense: Warning
Second offense: Three day suspension
Third offense: One week suspension
Fourth offense: Three week suspension
Fifth offense: Permanent ban
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