Celina the fairy

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Celina the fairy

Post by Piper on Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:10 pm

Name: Celina
Species: Pixie
Age: 15
Height: Her normal height is a little bit taller then your pointer finger.
*Weight: 2 ounces
Other notes about your appearance: Dark brown curly hair and green eyes. She has pointy ears and glittery wings. Celina wears a long light blue dress, like a nightgown.
*Parents: None, she was born from a flower.
Abilities: She can talk to animals
Weapons: None
Powers: She can grow to any size as long as it doesn't pass 5"6
Flaws: She has a bad temper and sometimes gets frustrated easily.
Role-play: "Celina, go to bed, darling," Mother told me. I turned away from the window and looked up at my mother. I always wondered why I was so small and she was so... big. I hopped into my bed made out of a walnut and pulled the covers over me.
*Personality: Nice, curious, sometimes sad and adventorus.
*Notes on your characters: She does not know she has wings and can grow.

Celina, Fairy. Age: 15. Doesn't know she is a fairy or has powers.
Popcorn the dragon.
Andrea Hollin, the human. Age: 16
Devilia the Maras. Age: 17. Warning: Do not make her mad, it might cause death, internal bleeding, nausea, memory loss and hair loss. You were warned...
Wind. The unicorn.

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Re: Celina the fairy

Post by Pandorica on Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:12 pm

I was going to ask 'do her powers drain her?' but then I saw that she didn't know she had powers, so

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