A few rules people are confused on

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A few rules people are confused on

Post by Pandorica on Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:14 pm

You can only have 5 characters.

We're not very strict on double posting. If you must, then double post, but not one right after the other for no reason. Like if your character was stuck in the same place and no one else posted, then feel free to double post to move them.

EVERY mythological character (besides greek gods/roman/norse/some japenese/etc., cat sidhes [for now], and demi-gods.) ARE ALLOWED! If you're really not certain though, then check the list that's somewhre in the character section.

No real animals. Humans are allowed.

Characters don't have to have powers, and we're also not like 'dur da dur how many timez can ya use yer powerz? do they drain them? how so?" ... i mean come on, grow up! (Magic Pi says: Yus we r)

Any other rules you're confused on, feel free to ask.

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