Taryn the Pixie

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Taryn the Pixie

Post by Pandorica on Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:32 pm

Name: Taryn
Species: Pixie
Age: About 15
Height: Slightly shorter than your pinkie finger
*Weight: Lightweight, I guess
Other notes about your appearance: Long, waist-length dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. She always wears a grey short sleeved dress
*Parents: Pahahaha
Abilities: Flying
Weapons: She's a pacifist, but wouldn't think twice to resorting to pulling people's hairs if they bug her
Powers: Um... flying.
Flaws: Often too nice to people, doesn't understand when she's taken advantage of, too sympethetic and falls for anything.
Role-play: I glanced down at the grass so far below me as I flew up towards a tree, trying to pick a cherry. It was superglued to the tree or something! I tugged on it hopelessly before giving up. As I was flying away, naturally it fell down and hit me on the head. "AH!" i screamed, flying away, terrified. "SAVE ME!"
*Personality: Happy-go-lucky, oblivious.
*Notes on your characters: PAHAHAHAH

Amaril, Human.
Sandy, Dragon.
Noella, Fallen Dark Angel.
Dylan, Zombie.
Lucas, Shapeshifter.

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Re: Taryn the Pixie

Post by Magic Pi on Sat Sep 17, 2011 6:33 pm


Stella Wood, the shapeshifting human... who apparently always carries a shovel
Sabi Star the dip (demon dog)
Magic Bananas the baby phoenix
Herbert Ernest the elderly elf
Amber the phoenix

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