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Post by Pandorica on Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:24 am

I realized Amaril's last form is way out of date, so I'm mostly posting this to let people see what she's like now.

Name: Amaril Wilner
Species: Human
Age: 15
Height: 5"3
*Weight: 98 Pounds
Other notes about your appearance: Amber-brown, auburn hair and dark brown eyes, skinny with just a few freckles. Hair is slightly more than below her shoulder blades.
*Parents: Mirlian and Poulan Wilner
Abilities: Can usually make people smile when she talks to them, is pretty agile.
Weapons: none, though she always carries around her ipod.
Powers: Can sense people's locations- sometimes without trying, unwillingly, to people she doesn't even know. She gets urges to go to places without reason.
Flaws: Can be pretty dim-witted and clumsy at times, acts without thinking, often does pranks that get her in a lot of trouble (thanks, Stella.) Hates to admit she's wrong. Refuses to lose an argument, can be mean without trying to be.
Role-play: I fluffed down onto the grass and pulled out my iTouch. I took out my earbuds before I rememberd... oh yeah, I was dangling from a tree with those just yesterday. Oops. They're completely mangled now, so I go over to the mud and lay them down before burying them. "Rest in peace," I say,wiping a tear from my eye. The makeshift funeral served Grease nuggets as food, which was just great. I took 8 of them before running off to buy more headphones.
*Personality: Slightly insane (okay, very insane.) Always listening to music
*Notes on your characters: Ploh ho ho.

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Amaril, Human.
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Stella Wood, the shapeshifting human... who apparently always carries a shovel
Sabi Star the dip (demon dog)
Magic Bananas the baby phoenix
Herbert Ernest the elderly elf
Amber the phoenix

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