Kay's charries (done)

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Kay's charries (done)

Post by KaySpyGirl on Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:02 pm

Name: Cristal SilverRose
Species: Fairy
Age: 12
Height: I am about 6 inches tall
*Weight: 1 pound
Other notes about your appearance: I have light brown hair I tuck behind my ear. My eyes are bright green. My wings look like butterfly wings but they are a light silver with a hint of light rosy color.
*Parents: Lavender SilverRose (Mom) Berk SilverRose (dad)
Abilities: I can fly
Weapons: I use a bow and arrow
Powers: I have fairy magic. You know nature stuff and stuff.
Flaws: I talk fast. I am short. I can't swim. I have a habit of getting people mad.
Role-play: I fly threw the open air as fast as I could. I love flying fast! I at the ocean beneath me. I can't swim... I get and idea. Flying as fast as my butterfly like wings could go strait down tword the ocean. Just before I hit the waves I turn forward so I was strait again. Using the momentum I had from flying down I tippy-toe from one wave to another. I stopped abruptly. Gosh! How dare the water ruin my shoes!
*Personality: I like to talk and fly fast. I am stubborn. I can be shy. I like to fly fast and I like to be dangerous. I like playing tricks one people which gets them mad. I wonder why. It's all just fun...
*Notes on your characters: she doesn't like being told what to do. She loves flying fast.

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Re: Kay's charries (done)

Post by Pandorica on Thu Sep 22, 2011 4:22 pm

Wow, that's a big fairy compared to the teeny ones on the site! xD I know the charries aren't done, but if at least this one is, then it's Approved. Before I move this to hte Approved charries section, please specifiy if at least this charrie is done.

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Re: Kay's charries (done)

Post by Magic Pi on Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:13 pm


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Re: Kay's charries (done)

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