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Post by Pandorica on Fri Sep 23, 2011 5:56 pm

Name: Nerissa
Species: Mermaid
Age: About 14
Height: 5"0
*Weight: Well, she is underwater, so....
Other notes about your appearance: Has long, wavy brown hair and blue eyes. Has a shiny purple tail and always wears a pale purple tank top and black, fingerless cut-off gloves just because she thinks they're cool.
*Parents: Pahaha.
Abilities: Can breathe underwater and converse with sea creatures
Weapons: None
Powers: Can... breathe underwater and converse with sea creatures, and control water a little [like to splash people]
Flaws: Can't go on land, can be a little rude sometimes, likes to get in fights.
Role-play: I willed the currents to push me faster, teh water swirling around me ina spiral. I could sense every movement around me and I closed my eyes and let out a yell. It's just being so free, it's like no other feeling. I jumped out of the water for just a second and could see the beach, the sand, the sky. But I wouldn't go up there, not for anything. It's free under the water. The only place I'd want to be.
*Personality: Rough-and-tumble, tomboy, doen't care what anyone thinks, but has a sensitive side.
*Notes on your characters: Can be sensetive and kind when she wants to .

Amaril, Human.
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Dylan, Zombie.
Lucas, Shapeshifter.

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Post by Magic Pi on Fri Sep 23, 2011 6:14 pm


Stella Wood, the shapeshifting human... who apparently always carries a shovel
Sabi Star the dip (demon dog)
Magic Bananas the baby phoenix
Herbert Ernest the elderly elf
Amber the phoenix

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