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Post by Magic Pi on Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:31 pm

Have you ever wondered what your points that you get for posting and PMing and adding friends do?
Nothing, until now.
This is the shop, where you can actually spend the points you earn by role-playing.
Some rules:
  1. Please send a private message to an administrator to buy something.
  2. You will only get the item if you have sufficient points to buy it.
  3. Points will be subtracted from your total number of points.
  4. If you kill your shapeshifter, you will NOT receive a refund.
  5. Points are only used on the shop.
  6. No IOUs will be accepted.
  7. Prices may change at any time. You will not be charged extra if the price changes.

Things you can buy:
  • Username change- 500
  • Character power- 1500
  • Extra character slot- 2500
  • Shapeshifting character- 4000
  • Immortality (for one character)-6500
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