Herbert the old elf

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Herbert the old elf

Post by Magic Pi on Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:36 pm

Name: Herbert Ernest (Dr. Ernest)
Species: Elf
Age: OLD.
Height: 3 feet
*Weight: None of yer business
Other notes about your appearance: Herbert has green overalls, glasses, and not much hair.
*Parents: None of yer business
Abilities: Intellect, he's not forgetful
Weapons: A cane, perfect for whacking
Powers: A small bit of old elf magic. He says it's too newfangled for him to use, though.
Flaws: A grouch, hates talking to people, is often alone, and he needs a cane to walk.
Role-play: I hobble up the creaky stairs of the telescope room. It's too shiny for my eyes, and it creates an irritating reflection in my glasses. I step up to it to resume my night time star searching, and find that some young whippersnapper already beat me to it. She's just a little fairy, so I shove her out of the way with my cane and take the controls. They're dirty now.
*Personality: He's a grumpy old elf with no taste in adventure. Well, maybe he was adventurous when he was younger, but that's all over now... Or is it?
*Notes on your characters: He loves observing the stars and spends long, discontent hours calculating.

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Re: Herbert the old elf

Post by Pandorica on Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:37 pm

LOLOLOL. I love this character. Approved. =]

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