Kristy the Elf

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Kristy the Elf

Post by Pandorica on Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:17 pm

Name: Kristy
Species: Elf
Age: About 16 or 17
Height: 5"6
*Weight: She's not gonna tell you!
Other notes about your appearance: Has long, blonde hair and clear blue eyes. Pale skin, very thin.
*Parents: Lorena and Chris
Abilities: Is very fast and agile [like most characters seem to be] and can climb trees very well
Weapons: A small dagger.
Powers: Can control plants to some degree, like make them grow a bit faster or can use vines to tie someone's feet. It drains her a lot and she doesn't like to use it because she tries to be a pacifist.
Flaws: Never pays attention to anything, can be rather awkward at times, doesn't really live up to what her parents expect her to be- aka the true elf potential- is clumsy, always has her nose in a book when she's not talking to people which is most of the time.
Role-play: I slip silently through the trees. The wind stirs around me, and I hear a loud noise from behind. I scream and jump a foot in the air, dropping my dagger and running away, wishing some knight in shining armor would come and whisk me away. But instead my parents, tall and slender like I wish I was, emerge from the trees, shaking their heads. I hang mine in shame. "I know," I say, knowing that's coming. "I have so much more potential, I need to learn to be strong and dignified, yada yada yada." I'm sick of training. Does every elf have to be a perfect, stony faced archer with no imagination? I don't think so but apparently my parents do, and I'm sick of trying to live up to what they want me to be.
*Personality: Finds almost everything funny, likes to have a good time, is a hopeless romantic, is fascinated by dragons, often has her nose in a book [fantasy, or course.], likes to imagine, is always waiting for her true love.
*Notes on your characters: Nope.

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Re: Kristy the Elf

Post by Magic Pi on Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:18 pm


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