Dylan the Zombie

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Dylan the Zombie

Post by Pandorica on Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:39 pm

Name: Dylan Moore
Species: Zombie
Age: 17
Height: 5"9
*Weight: He hasn't bothered checking since.. yeah. He's a zombie.
Other notes about your appearance: Has jet black hair that was once thick and shiny and all that jazz, but is now dull and coming out in patches. His skin is a sickly pale green and he has cuts, scars, and bruises all over him. The teeth he has left are yellow as are his fingernails. He wears jeans and a t-shirt that are ripped and torn, occasionally stained with blood.
*Parents: Aimee and Daniel Moore
Abilities: He can survive off of raw meat but prefers normal foods.
Weapons: None
Powers: He can will small animals [rabbits, rats, mice, etc] towards him for food, but only if they're in the area. And he can't like USE DA FORCE! to will them over, he has to just sort of call them to come towards him. Like the pied piper! But without a flute.
Flaws: Can't really make friends, has a lot of stereotypes on him and so people are scared of him, comes off as awkward and nerdy, is clumsy and stutters and doesn't really know what to say around people.
Role-play: I stroll through the forest casually, taking in the sunlight. No, it doesn't turn me to dust or whatever... i'm just a zombie, not a... ice monster or something. I limp slightly due to the large cut on my left leg... yeah, that is a zombie thing, injuries don't really heal. Stupid dare. I remember the last day I was alive. Why did I think it'd be fun to go parachuting? I mean, I should've known my friends looked shifty... no wonder. They cut holes in my parachute. Well, oh well... put the past behind you and all that. I see a rabbit to a right, just standing there. I pause. "Well... I am hungry..." Someone behind me screams and runs away and I sigh. "NOT FOR FLESH! STUPID STEREOTYPES!!!"
*Personality: He's sort of an awkward, clumsy geek who just wants to be friends with people, and even though he's a zombie, he wants to believe that he can make a love connection with somebody.
*Notes on your characters: Really wants someone to like him and still considers himself just a regular teenage guy, though he was never really cool or had friends when he was alive.

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Re: Dylan the Zombie

Post by Magic Pi on Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:14 pm


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