A Story

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A Story

Post by Pandorica on Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:15 am

That's all it is now. you could say this is chapter one but I'm not sure. Maybe a one-shot.
Either way, we learn of Dylan's past and how he came to be what he is.


It’s been so long since I could feel. Sadness. Anger. Happiness. All felt the same to me, and whether I was feeling one or the other it was still the same. Nothing behind it.
I would say my family is the ones who give me hope, even now, but upon thought they don’t. They don’t even know me anymore. I’m okay with that.
I still remember the darkness, although I didn’t at the time… that was no feeling. No moving. No life in me, absolutely nothing. And the shadow that was cast over me, making the dark so much darker than before, as if obsidian turned to onyx and then midnight with no stars.
I couldn’t hear anything but there was the faint sense of awareness in me, as if I was coming out of a coma. I guess I was. An eternal coma put to an end. Then everything exploded around me, and I knew I rose- although still I could not think.
I wasn’t myself, that was all I knew. There was no one there, either, just a strange note, etched into the grave that had once been mine. DEBT, it read. Just debt. I cast a glance towards the winding roads of the cemetery. I almost saw a shadow.
I may have been alive at that point but I certainly wasn’t, also. My skin was no longer the tan it had once been, but a sickly, white green color, covered in all the scars, cuts, scabs, and bruises I had gotten in my life, from the time I was born until the time of the accident.
My bones were healed, which I supposed was necessary for me to be able to walk again. I fingered my scalp. The thick black hair that was once there was now just patches, thin remnants of what I used to be. I closed my eyes. I was still wearing my jeans and t-shirt I had worn at the time.
I knew what I was.
My friends in the past life were linked to this, somehow, whether they knew it or not. Maybe their choices, maybe mine, had caused me to be brought from the grave. Was I a part of an army or just an experiment? Debt echoed in my mine. I will, I think, glancing towards the empty road. I will.
I had always been one for trouble. Being 16 I guess that’s normal. I stop to think again.
I will always be sixteen now. I will never age again. Never be able to be anything but a teenager. But I want to, I scream in the back of my mind. I want to be able to be something more than that. But I can’t and I know that.
Skydiving was the greatest adventure life could offer me. Well, maybe not, as Myths Alive is a strange sort of place. So many more possibilities were out there and yet all my friends and I could think of to really show our sense of adventure was skydiving off the cliffs.
They were strangely silent on the way there. That should’ve been a warning sign.
They were never good friends.
When the parachute opened there was nothing. I was falling fast, waiting for it to open, to catch me, to save me. One glance up at their wickedly glinting faces in the dark light told me all I had to know.
I didn’t feel the impact.
And now, here, suspended in the darkness it’s like I’ve been given a second change. Do I want it? I’m not sure yet. I test my legs. It aches with every step I take. It aches to move.
This is what I am now, I know as I slowly trudge out of the cemetery. This is me.

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Re: A Story

Post by Magic Pi on Wed Feb 22, 2012 6:00 pm


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