Cera/ Marimonda

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Cera/ Marimonda

Post by Chickenlover2 on Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:15 am

Name: Lonicera, or Honeysuckel, H, or Cera
Species: Marimonda (Nature Guardian)
Age: 18
Height: 6'3"
*Weight: 112
Other notes about your appearance: Long, flowing brown hair in a bun, forest green eyes, pale skin, slim and fit
*Parents: Unknown
Abilities:can speak with some forest dwelling creatures and can control some plants like honeysuckle and certain trees
Weapons: the plants and animals along with a dagger she fashioned of stone
Powers: can control some plants, not many, and she can talk to some animals
Flaws: Being as young as she is, Cera usually communicates with the plants, causing them to go against her. Very rarely will she ever be able to get a plant to do what she wants, but when she does it's usually a small task like tripping some one. She has a very soft spot for nature because of her history, but she tries very hard to overcome this.
Role-play: I looked ahead of myself into the trees, narrowing my eyes at a couple of loggers trying to chop a tree. This angered me, since my species were protectors of nature I should be able to help, right? I concentrated on the honeysuckle winding around the men, trying desperately to control them in order to scare the men but it didn't work. Instead, a bear came, curious by my thoughts. I smiled slightly and with a soft growl sent the men running, forgetting their equipment, form a full grown grizzly.
*Personality: She is very soft spoken and gently. She is always messing up in what she does with both positive and negative results. She hates being made fun of and when she is she'll hide in a tree, crying. Nature is her weak point and will often make her decisions sway if a plant is being threatened. She will rarely leave the forest since she feels safest there, but on rare occasions she will.
*Notes on your characters: She usually hangs out with Ellie, a vampire.
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Re: Cera/ Marimonda

Post by Pandorica on Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:01 pm


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