Aniqua the zombie

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Aniqua the zombie

Post by Chickenlover2 on Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:39 am

Name: Aniqa
Species: Zombie
Age: 15
Height: 5'5"
*Weight: She was about 122lbs
Other notes about your appearance: Had once beautiful amber hair and wide innocent eyes which are both dull. She hasn't been a zombie for long, so she's in pretty good condition. She usually has on her miniskirt and a tank top she had before... yeah, and she has a few cuts on her face and arms. And she's not emo.
*Parents: N/A
Abilities: She can stay out in the sun without turning to dust, and she doesn't live off of raw meat since she can and will eat normal food.
Weapons: her whistle and nothing more
Powers: Her whistle is loud and high, as in higher than a dog whistle on a good day, which more than likely will hurt your ears if you're to close.
Flaws: With the usually stereotype zombies, Aniqua has a terrible time fitting in. She is slow and some what clumsy at times, and she is quiet smart as well, to the point of being a nerd. Lots of people are usually afraid of her, and she has a very hard time socializing because of this.
Role-play: I hate being a zombie. Every time you walk in a room your friends flinch away and then talk as though nothing happened. They don't understand that all zombies are not the general brain eating people they thing. I for one am one to say that the whole bullet through the head thing is way over rated. And the fact that I can hardly speak to anyone is annoying to. How I hate the classic horror novels, putting stories in people's heads.
*Personality: She is a very quiet and socially awkward girl, since she can never really talk to anyone. She hates the fact the modern day fiction has caused people to shy away, and she hates being a loner. She would like people to understand her so she can get a friend, possibly even more.
*Notes on your characters: She really wants to continue her life before the accident happened. Get a new boyfriend, new friends who understand, and people to understand she's not any different from normal than they are.
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Re: Aniqua the zombie

Post by Pandorica on Fri Feb 24, 2012 6:27 pm


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