Anotha Charrie ?!

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Anotha Charrie ?!

Post by Brazzlegirl on Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:13 pm

Name: Humanoid Artificially Intelligent Unit, or H.A.I.U. for short, but he calls himself Drake and never tells anyone the other name.
Species: Android
Age: Was built to look 16, and acts like it too
Height: 6' exactly
*Weight: Approximately 300 lbs. Hey, he's an android. He's going to be heavy.
Other notes about your appearance: His appearance was heavily based off my avatar, however he is NOT Space Core.
Edit: I redid his appearance [again] and I'm rather pleased with it. Err....please disregard the Aperture logo. I had drawn him as a test android...or something. O_O

I had to include this sketch^^ of him because I find it very amusing
Sorry about the freaking long spoiler O.O
*Parents: None
Abilities: He's basically his own calculator, so he's pretty good at math.
Weapons: Nope. Doesn't really have a need for them.
Powers: Err...I'll say none for now. If I think of one I'll edit the form.
Flaws: Drake has incredibly horrible social skills. He always makes awkward comments, stands around like some kind of a stalker, or never shuts up. He is also very clumsy, and believes he was built with two left feet. He was a rejected experiment and thus, wasn't taken care of so he's very rusty and his joints constantly make a metallic creaking sound. It's very much impossible for him to sneak up on anything that has ears. And yes, he is missing a tooth. Because he's an android it wouldn't grow back, of course! Also, his left shoulder is higher than his right due to bad posture, and over the years just kind of stuck there. [is it sad that I can list this many flaws?]
Role-play: I walked through the quiet park, hands in my pockets. My joints were groaning horribly today. It seemed to me it was disrupting the peace, but no one else seemed to take notice. Perhaps it was because your own flaws are magnified by 1,000 times. To me, it sounded like a herd of elephants trampling through with bombs. One of these days, I would have to get that fixed. It was a shame that I didn't know how to do it myself.
*Personality: Drake's got a pretty spastic, awkward personality. It's almost hard to put it into words. He is always trying to please people, but usually ends up overdoing things and making them worse. In a group, he's the one fumbling around trying his hardest to figure things out while everyone else does the work. Like I said before, he has awful social skills. He doesn't know how to listen or how to shut up. That, or he's the awkward kid standing off to the side and listening in on people's conversations. Not only that, but he may strike up conversations with random machines, such as a TV or phone. He seems convinced they can understand him, and also thinks that because he has a free will that he's superior to them. He can't actually talk to machines though, and would appear insane to anyone. Drake is also very sensitive. You wouldn't think he'd be, but if he doesn't feel accepted or gets offended, he'll run off by himself for a while. It's the closest thing to crying, which he cannot do. He would have to be one of the most uncoordinated people in the world. He wouldn't be able to even kick a soccer ball to save his life. Because of the
His personality, as always, will develop more ICly in the actual roleplay.
*Notes on your characters: He was built for the sole purpose of work. Doing laborious tasks that employees at the lab couldn't or didn't want to do. However, he didn't want to do them either. The scientists who built him decided they accidentally gave him too much personality. He was declared a failed science experiment and was thrown into the scrap heap. He was upset that they had rejected him so he left the lab, off to find his own place.
Don't ask my why they built him as a teenager. It's usually in everyone's best interest to not question the logic here.

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Re: Anotha Charrie ?!

Post by Pandorica on Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:09 pm

You. Stop fixing it. It's brilliant.

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