Uhhh...Well...Hazel The...Ummm...

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Uhhh...Well...Hazel The...Ummm...

Post by Fligher123 on Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:47 pm

Name: Hazel
Species: Ummm...Well if you have ever read the book 'Maximum Ride'
'They have 'mythical' creatures in them,i Am Basically a Human With Wings,That CAN fly
Age: About 12 Yrs Old,Turning 13 Soon
Height: 5 Feet 4 In.
*Weight: Ummm...All I'll say is she doesn't way much...xD
Other notes about your appearance: She Has Pretty Green eyes ((Going form Outside to center)
Blue around on the outside,hazel,then green with specs of brown then finaly a ring of grey around the middle)
(I'm not kidding,my eyes really do look EXACTLY like that .3.) And Usually wears t-Shirts and (Dont know how to spell it xD)Kacky shorts,
she wears her hair in a ponytail almost always
*Parents: Her Mom is Dead and Her Dad is Unknown
Abilities: She Can Fly,Of course and like most of her kind,is fast and is pretty powerful (More powerful than normal humans at least)
Weapons: Ummm...Her Fists...That's all but maybe later she can find a bow...
Powers:...Like I have said Twice before,She can Fly,Is Fast and Pretty Powerful
Flaws: Is Terrified of Spiders,And she freaks out if ants crawl on her,and she cannot be
without having something above her
when she's on the ground (Like trees or a roof)
Role-play: Hazel Ran through the forest happily,she approached a cliff and jumps off,she spread her magnificent Peregrine Falcon colored wings,she soared through the clouds,her friend,Crista,A peregrine falcon,joined her in flight.
*Personality: Kind,Caring,'Loyal',Shy But Friendly,And She is Cranky when she wakes up before 9:00
*Notes on your characters:
Nothing Really...She would Kind of like a 'Guy-Friend' And doesn't like being around people,She usually has her wings folded neatly on her back,and they blend in with her brown ponytail

Wow...That was LONG

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Re: Uhhh...Well...Hazel The...Ummm...

Post by Pandorica on Sun Jul 15, 2012 11:25 pm

Alright, accepted, though you will need an actual name for her species to put in your siggy. Aren't they called Avians or something in the books?
Also with a character that is generically fast and powerful it's easy to powerplay, so make sure you don't make them too powerful and if possible make their flaws slow them down a bit. Accepted.

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