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Hazel's House

Post by Fligher123 on Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:04 pm

I flopped down on my new couch,in my new house,i grabbed a book from a table and started reading,i was to Lazy to unpack all my stuff,there where PILES AND PILES of boxes around me,so,not liking the mess,i stood up,put my book down and started putting stuff where it belongs,i put a table in front of my cough,that was overlooking glass doors that looked out to the lake,then i put a table next to the cough and put a lamp on it,i grabbed all my magazines and threw them on the table in front of the couch,i unpacked until i got to my new room.I set my boxes down "Great"I said "I Cant move this bed ALL by myself,it's way to heavy!"She walked over to her bed,it was a bunk bed,but with a desk under it,her computer would go there,but first she needed to move her bed.'I cant move that...I'm not as strong as dragons.'She gave up and walked outside,she opened up her wings and stood,her elbows on the railing of her deck,and gazed at the lake with her multicolored (Mostly green)Eyes.She was an Avian,Her brown speckeled wings glinted in the sunlight as she opened them wider and took to the air,she hovered above her house.

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