Miss Anastasia Moskva

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Miss Anastasia Moskva

Post by GLaDOS on Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:07 am

Name: Anastasia Moskva
Species: Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'11"
*Weight: 120 lbs
Other notes about your appearance: She's got a fairly archetypal Eastern European look, with high cheekbones, bright blue eyes, and long flaxen hair, straight as an arrow and soft as silk.
*Parents: Feodor Moskva (father) and Galina Ivanova (mother). Both are deceased.
Abilities: She's extremely intelligent, and she runs like a gazelle, swift and agile. Due to her ability to lift things with her mind, she never became very physically strong. She's good at fixing things, and she speaks many languages and understands the roots of most, making her an excellent translator. She rides horses, and she can fence, although lifting actual swords isn't something she can do. She's got an uncanny knack for sarcasm, too.
Weapons: She carries an obsidian dagger with her everywhere, but her primary weapons are her sharp wit and her stinging sarcasm, which she wields like a cudgel to bludgeon her enemies into submission.
Powers: Telepathy-- ability to hear thoughts of others at will, but only if the target is in close proximity. Weak telekinesis-- she can move objects as heavy as an average human.
Flaws: She has no friends, and has horrible abandonment issues and is constantly lonely, even though she pushes people away.
Role-play: The bench was a bit cold, and the metal seat was molded in a way seemed to oppose every curve of my body, pushing painfully agianst my legs. I shifted, then stilled myself again. I couldn't be seen fidgeting, especially not at a time like this. I wasn't really sure what was going on. I only knew that I had been in Geometry class, and now I wasn't, because the principal wanted to talk to me. I hadn't done anything wrong-- well, unless telling a classmate that, by existing, she was simply taking up space that could be better filled by a more intelligent being, like one of the many strains of bacteria found in human waste. That wasn't wrong, though, because it was true. With a sigh, I turned my face back towards the door, and was shocked to see that it had opened, and the principal was beckoning me in. Standing and smoothing my skirt, I followed him into his office, where the guidance counselor was also sitting. "What is this about?" I demanded, my Russian accent making my sharp tone even harsher.
"Anastasia, I'm sorry." the counselor said, taking my hand gently. "Your parents are dead."
*Personality: Despite her outer beauty, she tends to be cold and unforgiving like her Siberian hometown. To friends, she is aloof and derisive. To enemies, she's heartless and cruel, ruthlessly striving to make them pay for whatever wrong they have done her. Still, if you manage to earn her respect, she's loyal to the bitter end. She has a phobia of heights and falling and she hates to be picked up by anyone, or to be on cliffs, rooftops, or other high places.
*Notes on your characters:

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Re: Miss Anastasia Moskva

Post by Pandorica on Thu Oct 25, 2012 7:02 pm

Accepted- just be careful with the powers and abilities so that she doesn't become too powerful.

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