What do I do with all the different places?

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What do I do with all the different places?

Post by Magic Pi on Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:03 pm

Good question. What you do is your character (see "What IS role-playing?") goes to different places on the forum. There are different purple bars that say land, sky, and sea. Each mini-forum under the purple bar is a place within that general area. For example, the hiking trails are in the mountains, and the mountains are on land. Now if you have a character who is, say, a centaur, you cannot go to the undersea because centaurs cannot breathe underwater, and you cannot go to the sky because centaurs can't fly. There are some exceptions. Let's say you have a character who is an elf. Elves can't fly, right? If she asked another character who is a hippogriff and asks for a ride in the sky, and the hippogriff decides to let the elf ride on it's back, the elf may go into the sky on the back of the hippogriff. The hippogriff must post when they get into the sky,
I'm giving a ride to the elf.
And wherever the hippogriff goes, as long as the elf is on its back, the elf follows, and when the hippogriff goes back on land, the elf goes back on land too. If your character is too big, say if a fairy is giving a ride to a centaur, it doesn't work, and the fairy can't give a ride to the very large centaur. Rides don't work undersea.
Characters can't be in two places at once! If you go to the park and then a minute later, post in the forest, you will be in two places at one time! You can say you left the park and headed towards the forest, but your character cannot be talking to somebody in the forest and at the same time, be talking to another character in the park.

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