How do I post and stuff?

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How do I post and stuff?

Post by Pandorica on Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:11 pm

When you go to a forum (which is, by the way, a place where you post like this), there are a few buttons, if you look around. If you want to post a new topic, like this, then click on New Topic. If you want to post a reply, click on Post Reply. Simple, if you look around. If you want help, ask an Admin, which is right now, me (Willow) or Mystic. Also, try to stay on your own posts. For example, if you went to the mountains, since you didn't know what to do, and someone was talking and you said, "Help I don't know what to do!" The admins would delete that reply and send you a private message. A private message is like an email. These black buttons under the banner- the ones that say Home and such- well, the one that says Message leads to your private messages. Speaking of those buttons, Here's a guide to them:
Home: Takes you to the home page of the site.
Portal: Has basically anything you need.
FAQ: Frequently asked questions.
Search: Search the site.
Member: A list of the site's members.
Groups: List of groups you may try to join.
Profile: Your profile.
Message: Private messages.
Logout or Login: Um, logout or login.

Notice that at the bottom of the homepage is a box. On the left it might say some names. This is the chatbox, where you can that with other members. Remember to follow the rules. To join the chat, click on the little Login button on the chatbox. For more information, ask the admins.

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