Jamoon the Drude

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Jamoon the Drude

Post by Baconator on Thu Dec 24, 2009 9:58 am

Name: Jamoon Dickens
Species: Drude, a possessing demon
Age: 24 (looks 12)
Height: 3"6
*Weight: 64 pounds
Other notes about your appearance: White/blonde hair and brown eyes. Tall and somewhat skinny with lighter skin
*Parents: Elita and Bravado Dickens
Abilities: Can make himself look younger than he actually is.
Weapons: A dagger. When he stabs people, he possesses them, but it does no damage, and once he is gone, the wound heals up.
Powers: Can posses people.
Flaws: Bad temper, isn't sneaky sometimes, secretly likes ponies. (But don't you dare tell anyone)
Role-play: I crept along the forest floor, sneaking up on the human. They were just... sitting there! I laughed. Too easy. This was going to be fun. A twig cracked. "DANGIT!" I yelled. The human jumped up, saw me, and ran. I ran after them, screaming maniacly.
*Personality: Easily angered, good at sports.
*Notes on your characters: The dagger's name is Reep.

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Re: Jamoon the Drude

Post by Pandorica on Thu Dec 24, 2009 10:00 am

Approved. Watch your power though. How about when he possesses people it drains him?

Baconator says: After he possesses people, his dagger goes into lock mode. He can't use it for an hour.


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